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Introducing: Mulligan

Meet your new Pro Tools plugin controller.


  • Use any MIDI hardware with knobs to control any plugin
  • Heads-Up Display keeps you oriented with knob mappings
  • Transport controls put session playback at your fingertips


Mulligan is a standalone desktop app that enables you to use real knobs to adjust any plugin in Pro Tools™. No special hardware is required – if you’ve got a MIDI box with eight knobs, you’re good to go.

As experienced engineers know, hands-on control makes for a faster and more intuitive workflow. Don’t be limited to controlling your plugins one click at a time with a mouse or trackpad. Mulligan helps you grab ahold of your mix in the way that only hardware can provide.

Fast & Flexible Mapping

Map All Knobs

Connecting your MIDI hardware to Mulligan is fast and easy. With our exclusive Map All Knobs button, it takes just one mouse click, and one spin of a knob, for Mulligan to register the bank of eight knobs that you’ll be using for plugin control.

Then in Pro Tools, after selecting Mulligan as a MIDI controller, you will now have access to Plug-In Map controls at the top of each plugin window (this is a “hidden” feature in Pro Tools, that will be new to most users). Using these controls, mapping your eight knobs to plugin parameters is completely customizable – so while each plugin starts with a default mapping, you’re not stuck with it.

Plugin buttons

Mulligan also allows you to assign different buttons to cover plugin navigation and transport control functions. You are free to assign as few or as many of these buttons as you find useful.

For plugin control, the most important of these buttons are Previous Parameter Page and Next Parameter Page. If a plugin has more than eight mapped parameters, these two buttons will switch through multiple “pages” of eight parameters each. This allows you to map as many plugin parameters as you would like, and access them all with your bank of eight knobs.

Heads-Up Display

Heads-Up Display

To help you remember which knobs are mapped to which plugin parameters, Mulligan provides a handy Heads-Up Display (HUD) window. When enabled, the HUD automatically pops up at the bottom of the screen to display the current plugin’s eight mapped parameters.


You didn’t get into engineering just to stare at a screen and click a mouse. Mulligan lets you break through the interface barrier and start playing your plugins like the artist you are. So stop clicking, and start mixing...with Mulligan.

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Supported Systems

Mulligan is for macOS only, version 10.9 Mavericks and higher.

Mulligan communicates exclusively with Pro Tools (any version). While you could technically run Mulligan in the absence of Pro Tools, that would be kind of silly.

There is not a Windows version available at this time.

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