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Can I use more than 8 knobs with Mulligan?

Not for plugin control. This is due to a technical limitation of the MIDI controller protocol that Mulligan uses (the M-Audio Keyboard type). That protocol was designed to support a hardware controller with an eight knob layout. So when controlling a plugin in Pro Tools, Mulligan can access eight parameters at a time, because that is the predetermined size of its parameter pages.

However, you can have many parameter pages in a plugin mapping, so with a thoughtful page layout you can organize a large number of parameters into functionally related "groups of eight" that are conducive to your workflow.

For example, in a channel strip plugin, you could organize the parameters by section, so you'd have one parameter page for the expander, another for the compressor, and several pages for different bands of the EQ section.

Another example would be a complex reverb with lots of tweakable controls. For that, you might want to organize parameter page #1 as a "macro" control page, with the parameters you would most commonly want to grab readily at hand (e.g. mix, decay time, predelay). Subsequent pages could then be grouped for more detailed work, like adjusting the diffusion characteristics or shaping the EQ.

If your MIDI device has more than eight knobs, you can still make good use of them with Mulligan. Eight of the knobs could be assigned as Plugin Knobs 1-8, and then the remaining knobs can be assigned to other duties. Mulligan includes commands for controlling level, pan, and sends for the Current Track, as well as commands for navigating through tracks (with Increment Track) and parameter pages (with Increment Page) by using knobs.

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