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Hands-on plugin control for Pro Tools

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Lo-fi BBD reverb

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reFuse Software represents founder Leigh Marble’s commitment to unique and useful audio software. Founded in 2002 in Portland, OR, our eponymous first product release was the standalone application reFuse, which bridged Pro Tools and Reason in the era before Rewire.

Our critically-acclaimed Lowender​ plugin has become an essential tool for bringing out sub frequencies in music and post-production studios worldwide. On the more esoteric side, our Bucketverb plugin conjures up a unique lo-fi reverb by modeling the long out-of-production Panasonic MN3011 ​BBD reverb chip.

In addition to these affordably-priced plugins, we have also released a series of free software over the years, including the Flipper​, Cheap RTA​, and Simple Meter​ plugins.

In 2021, we released ​Mulligan​​, a standalone application for controlling plugins in Pro Tools using any MIDI controller. With Mulligan, reFuse Software takes another step along our continuing path of outside-the-box innovation.