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When I select an Instrument track, why does it automatically record-arm it?

Unfortunately this is an automatic behavior from Pro Tools, which happens as soon as the M-Audio Keyboard protocol is engaged. This is not an action that is triggered by Mulligan itself. (Note that the automatic record-arm affects only Instrument and MIDI tracks, not audio tracks.)

Our best suggestion for a workaround is to put Instrument and MIDI tracks into Record Safe mode, by Command-clicking the Record button on each of your Instrument and MIDI tracks.

(Optionally, you could also Command-Option-click the Record button, to put all tracks into record safe mode. Or, Command-Option-Shift-click, to put all currently selected tracks into record safe mode.)

Record safe mode only stops MIDI data (or audio, if engaged on an audio track) from being recorded to the track. It does not stop automation from being recorded, which is great for Mulligan since you can still capture your controller moves via automation while in record safe mode.

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