Cheap RTA

VST3, AAX, Audio Unit
No iLok required

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Lo-fi BBD reverb

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Bass For Your Face


  • Classic 30 band display
  • 4dB per LED resolution
  • Resizable to a wide range of dimensions


Get an overview of frequency content at a glance! Impress your clients with a pretty lightshow! Give your DAW setup a sparkly professional sheen! All this from our free 1/3 octave Cheap RTA (Real Time Analyzer).

Runs on mono or stereo tracks. Stereo signals are summed to mono for frequency analysis, but your audio signal is passed through unchanged.

We kept the CPU load lightweight for this one, so it won't bog down your system.

There are no parameters to adjust, but the window does allow resizing over a wide range of dimensions and aspect ratios.

Supported Systems

macOS: 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher. AAX, VST3, and AudioUnit. 64-bit DAW required.

Windows: Windows 7 or higher. AAX and VST3. 64-bit DAW required.

32-bit versions are not available.