Ugly VSTi Interface

It's pretty ugly

Don't Forget //

Bob Katz talks about Lowender

“It's just magic. There's nothing else on the market like it. I'm very happy.”

Tchad Blake talks about Lowender

“I love that thing.”


  • The Ugly can now be launched by double-clicking a VST file
  • Now remembers your MIDI input device of choice
  • Added "hold" button for onscreen keyboard
  • Now passes aftertouch MIDI data
  • Added Panic button (kill all hanging MIDI notes)
  • Lots more little improvements
  • Awesome new ugly colors!

Our host application for VSTi plug-ins. It loads one VSTi at a time, and no effects, but it’s intuitive and stable.

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Supported Systems

Loads VSTi plug-ins of both the VST formats available for the Mac: Mach-O (current) and Carbon CFM (old).