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White Sea Studio - Snake Oil? on Bucketverb

Can it get MORE CHEESY?

September 2019

This review from White Sea Studio was done for an early version of our Bucketverb plugin, which at the time was called Cheeseverb. It was one of his Snake Oil series of reviews, in which he examines the sometimes specious claims of plugin manufacturers, to see if their products actually live up to their hype.

Thankfully, his verdict on Cheeseverb was: “Absolutely no snake oil to see here.”

Other notable excerpts from his comments:

It sounds so bad for a reverb…but also good.

That’s actually good - a highpass filter on your reverb - you don’t even see it in plugins claiming to be “professional”.

Interesting effect, not sure if I can call it reverb. I would more call it a color that you add. Of course, you add a reverb to it, technically.

Of course, to get the full experience of his review, you’ll have to watch it!