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Mulligan and Pro Tools 2024.3 Incompatibility

Pro Tools 2024.3 removes a vital component for Mulligan.

Tape Op on Bucketverb

May 2020

Review excerpt:

Where I had usually applied several passes of EQ (pre and post) and compression in order to tailor other reverb plug-ins for desired bass ambience, Bucketverb automatically sits in the proper place for me, and makes the bass lines pop out as well. On drums I kept thinking I was King Tubby’s assistant – pure lo-fi dub goodness. On vocals, especially for backing parts, this weird reverb can be pretty special…

The Bucketverb plug-in was an instant hit at my studio and in my mixes. It’s super easy to implement, its murky, unique tone keeps it out of the way yet sounds interesting.

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