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Tchad Blake on Lowender

July 2011

Tchad Blake

Tchad Blake is one of our biggest audio heroes. So when we heard that he was using Lowender, we freaked out, and then emailed the man to ask a few questions. Tchad was awesomely generous with his answers…

Q: How have you been liking the Lowender?

The Lowender is one of a handful of plug-ins that helped convince me ITB mixing was going to work. I love that thing. It’s replaced my old hardware sub-harmonic synth.

Q: Where are you using Lowender within your sessions?

Mainly on kick and bass. It’s often distorted with a Sans Amp or Decapitator. Sometimes it’s followed by a soft (somewhere between 6 and 18 dB/oct) 28Hz hipass filter on my drum buss.

Also I have used Lowender on a stereo mix, to extend the range of some old rough mixes of mine. I just put it across the buss, along with a bit of midrange EQ.

Q: What are some releases that you’ve used the Lowender on?

The most recent release is The Black Keys Brothers album. [Ed. note: Brothers won Grammy Awards for Best Alternative Music Album, and for Best Rock Performance for the single “Tighten Up”. Listen for the Lowender on the “Tighten Up” bass line.]

There is also some Lowender on Delta Spirit History From Below, Phillip Selway Familial, Tracy Bonham Masts of Manhatta, and Peter Gabriel “Down To Earth” [featured at the end of WALL-E]. More recently, I also used Lowender on Marike Jager Here Comes The Night and on the upcoming Blitzen Trapper American Goldwing.

Thank you Tchad for talking with us about Lowender!