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Joel Hamilton on Lowender

May 2007

Joel Hamilton

Joel Hamilton is a Brooklyn-based producer and engineer, and one of the proprietors of Studio G. He has had a hand in crafting many heavy records, from the likes of Blackroc, Dub Trio, Matishayu, and Teledubgnosis. Joel helped shape Lowender through his feedback about early versions of the plug-in, and he volunteered these kind words about it:

The Lowender incorporates a few of my favorite low end tricks all in one near-perfect package. I always had a sub synth, patched to an overdrive box, then to an analog lowpass filter to shave off some of the upper “rasp” to get a better sit with the original bass.

Now I just wind up using the Lowender 9 times out of 10, because it gives me all that goodness, coupled with the ability to automate some settings when needed. With the Lowender patched through my modular synth: WOAH, total mayhem. This plugin really shines when subjected to further analog processing, as I mix on a console.

Thanks for making such a great plug, man, I am proud to have been involved in the testing and functionality of this plugin, and I look forward to more!