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Audio Samples

Swarm Fanfare
Swarm Fanfare

Slowly turning up the Span knob, with Pitch Center on Middle setting.


A drone synth inspired by The Swarmatron, a handmade synthesizer from Dewanatron.

The Swarm is based around a bank of eight oscillators that start out tuned in unison. Using the Span knob, you can continuously stretch out that cluster of notes from unison to, at the widest setting, evenly spaced harmonic multiples. Along the way, all kinds of dissonant tones and beat frequencies are created.

We have released The Swarm as a standalone application only. It is not available as a plug-in at this time, but the audio output of the The Swarm may be sent to ReWire-compatible host applications.

For some videos of The Swarm in action, please see our YouTube playlist of Swarm user videos.

Version 0.3 features these changes:

  • Fixed window size and layout to allow use on smaller laptop screens
  • Added Pitch Center control
  • Added Waveform control
  • Added all-on/all-off oscillator switching (by Shift-clicking)
  • Improved preset system

Version 0.3.1 fixes:

  • Fixed a glitch with the MIDI mapping for the fine control of the Span

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Supported Systems

The Swarm is a 32-bit application, and can only make Rewire connections with 32-bit hosts. There are no plans to reissue The Swarm v0.3.1 as a 64-bit application (but any future versions of The Swarm will be 64-bit).

Known Issues

Starting with macOS Catalina (10.15), 32-bit apps are no longer compatible with macOS. Sorry to say therefore that The Swarm is no longer compatible with current Apple operating systems.