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Cheese, Greater

Oct 1, 2019

In August we released Cheeseverb, our bucket brigade reverb plug-in. We wanted to get you the basic version, with the core functionality working perfectly, as quickly as possible. But the story of Cheeseverb isn’t over yet – it’s just getting started…

A Montage of Fromage

In The Shop

Cheeseverb grew out of my curiosity about the MN3011 BBD chip, which – unique to all BBD chips under the sun – has six simultaneous output taps. The MN3011 was used in the ADA STD-1 delay, a DOD guitar pedal, the Rockman, and a few other places… but then digital reverbs came into fashion, and most everybody forgot about this weird BBD reverb chip. However, I found the concept behind the chip intriguing, and after protoyping a reverb with it, discovered that I loved its dark ambience. Hence, the Cheeseverb was born.

During the beta testing process for version 1.0, we got lots of great suggestions for features to add. Rather than postpone the release date to add them, we focused on refining the essentials. But we didn’t forget about all those delicious ideas, and our in-house prototypes now include some of them, like an LFO to modulate the Size parameter.

Price Drop

To encourage more users to try out Cheeseverb, we are dropping the price to $29 for the time being. When the update with additional features is released, the price will go back up. As always with our plug-ins, once you purchase a license we never charge an fee for future updates, so a Cheeseverb purchase now at the reduced price will get you the expanded version later as well.