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Introducing: ShuttlePuck

Apr 2, 2015

A few months back, we had an idea that seemed so obvious, we were sure that somebody had done it already. What if the Griffin PowerMate USB control knob could be used as a jog/shuttle wheel while working in Pro Tools?

We looked into it, and there was no way to get jog/scrub/shuttle functionality from standard key commands (and therefore, no way to use Griffin’s standard control software to perform this task). However, if we created a little utility app that translated the PowerMate’s movements into Mackie HUI commands, then we would have a DIY jog wheel!

Enter our new application, ShuttlePuck. ShuttlePuck allows you to use a Griffin PowerMate USB as a Jog/Scrub/Shuttle wheel in a HUI-compatible DAW (so far, we have tested it in Pro Tools and Cubase).

ShuttlePuck is being provided as donationware, and is currently available only for OS X. Grab it here.