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Check out: Mulligan

Hands-on plugin control for Pro Tools

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Check out: Bucketverb

Lo-fi BBD reverb

Mulligan and Pro Tools 2024.3 Incompatibility

Pro Tools 2024.3 removes a vital component for Mulligan.

AskAudio Magazine on Lowender

3 Low Frequency Enhancers to Make Your Tracks Rumble

February 2014

Sometimes no matter what you do to your bass or kick sounds, they’re just not fat enough. In my experience, if specific low frequencies aren’t present in your sound from the start, there’s nearly no amount of EQ’ing that can thicken them up —especially when you’re dealing with samples. Thankfully, there are several effects that add low frequency material to your sounds. In this article we’ll take a look at:

  • Waves Renaissance Bass
  • reFuse Software’s Lowender and
  • Logic Pro’s Sub Bass

I’ll first introduce you to them, then we’ll look at them for use in the three most common practices: on a kick, on a bass, and on a full mix…

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