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Release Date: Dec 14, 2022

  • Adds native support for Apple Silicon machines (M1, M2, etc) for all plugin formats (AAX/VST3/AU).
  • Fixes bug with broken Bypass button with Pro Tools multi-mono instances.
  • Keyboard shortcut I (no modifier key) now displays plugin version and format in Utility Bar, in addition to copying diagnostic info to clipboard as before.


Release Date: Jun 7, 2021


  • Crisp, remastered graphics for high resolution (aka “Retina”) displays.

  • The minimum gate threshold setting now properly displays as -inf (rather than -60 dB). The actual audio behavior is the same as before: the gate always remains open at the minimum setting.


  • Added an automatic phase reset of the two subharmonic bands, triggered when the gate closes. This aids in getting consistent subharmonic levels, especially when using sampled drum hits.

  • Going in or out of Bypass now fades smoothly, no more clicks!


  • New Utility Bar, including preset export/load.

  • Added keyboard shortcuts (Command+C, Command+V) for preset copy/paste.

  • Factory presets are now built-in to the Utility Bar (no separate files to lose).

  • Keyboard shortcut A (no modifier key) opens "Load License File" dialog as a native window, for improving accessibility by allowing interaction with screen reader software.

  • Keyboard shortcut I (no modifier key) copies diagnostic info to clipboard, for pasting into support requests.

  • 3-finger salute shortcut to enable automation in Pro Tools now works (i.e. Command+Option+Control-click on Mac, Control+Alt+Start-click on Windows).

  • Fixes Pro Tools “Commit Up to This Insert” bug, previously listed as a Known Issue for v1.4.


  • VST format has been removed (the installer doesn't delete the existing Lowender 1.4 VST file, however, so you are free to continue using it alongside the updated version).

  • Added VST3 format.

  • RTAS format has been removed.


  • Lowender 1.5 uses a new license file format, so users will need to download a new license file from their account.


Release Date: Jun 7, 2015

  • Fixes a graphics bug where the Lowender window would not be scaled properly, resulting in parts of the GUI being cropped.
  • Fixes a bug when copy/pasting plug-in settings in Pro Tools.
  • New authorization keyfile format and location. Registered users must log in and download a new license file.


Release Date: Mar 10, 2015

  • AAX support added.
  • New authorization scheme using a keyfile instead of text entry.
  • Gate level-detection algorithm improved.
  • Utility bar now appears below main plug-in window, rather than obscuring the bottom strip of the existing window.
  • Fine control shortcut changed from Shift-drag to Command-drag (Mac) / Ctrl-drag (Win).
  • Known Issue: Pro Tools "Compare" button is not functional.