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A utility program to convert note names to their frequencies. Press a note on the on-screen keyboard, and it gives you the fundamental frequency of that note in cycles per second (Hz). It also displays the frequencies of the 1st and 2nd overtones of the note, and can play a sine wave as a reference tone.

Now with version 0.4, Note2Frequency will also go the other way, converting frequencies in Hz to notes! A readout for "cents" was therefore added by necessity, to show where between two notes a given frequency lies.

Various other changes were made in version 0.4, including:

  • Added MIDI Note and Musical Note display/controls
  • Added label on keyboard for Middle C
  • Changed startup state to have Middle C selected
  • Misc interface improvements

Version 0.4.1: Changed "cents" to properly display as an integer.

Usage suggestion:

Got a troublesome bass note that keeps sticking out of a mix? Stop trying to smash the whole bass track with compression, and make a precision cut with EQ. Figure out which note it is, then use Note2Frequency to find out that note's frequency. Then insert a narrow-band EQ on the bass track and cut at frequency. If the note still sounds like it's sticking out, be sure to try cutting at the 1st overtone frequency instead - often it's that tone, rather than the fundamental, that's sticking out of a mix.

Supported Systems

Starting with macOS Catalina (10.15), 32-bit apps are no longer compatible with macOS. Sorry to say therefore that Note 2 Frequency is no longer compatible with current Apple operating systems.