Real Time Analyzer

Pluggo Plug-in

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A basic 1/3 octave Real Time Analyzer. Includes a mono sum switch.

Version 0.2 changes:

- ported to OS X
- sharpened Q of bands for better readouts
- added Metering Interval control
- updated graphics

Tech Note: there is a known issue with the RTA plug-in where you may see false readings in the highest band, if running a session at 44.1K or 48K. This is an artifact of trying to measure frequencies near half the sample rate (without resorting to a more expensive upsampling approach).

Supported Systems

Real Time Analyzer uses the Pluggo standard, and requires installation of the free Pluggo Jr or Pluggo Runtime package in order to function.

macOS Users: We have not completed any Catalina (10.15) testing yet. We do not recommend upgrading to Catalina at this time.