Control Freak Studio Edition Editor

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This is an editor for the Kenton Control Freak line of MIDI controllers. This “Studio Edition” version of the Editor works with the Control Freak Studio Edition, the Control Freak Live, and the Spin Doctor.


We have changed the location where the Control Freak SE Editor saves program data on your system. If you have saved programs that you want to hold on to, rename this directory:

~Library/Application Support/Control Freak Editor


~Library/Application Support/com.refusesoftware.CFEditor

A different version of the editor also exists, which works with the Control Freak Original (the 8-slider version).

Version 2.1.0 features these changes:

- added keyboard shortcuts to MIDI controller editor for common values
- changed subdirectory of Application Support used to store app data from “Control Freak Editor” to com.refusesoftware.CFEditor
- fixed several display glitches

Version 2.0.0 features these changes:

- Compatible with current Mac systems
- New, streamlined, single window for Slider & Command editing
- Stores program data and MIDI settings in Application Support folder