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This pair of plug-ins provides a way to map MIDI controls to audio mutes in any compatible DAW. While some modern DAWs (Ableton Live, for one) provide for very flexible MIDI control mapping, others (such as Pro Tools) do not. The user is constrained to whatever has been provided for in a particular controller profile.

“Dub Demon” and “dub minion” work as a team to make an end-run around these limitations. The user instantiates one Dub Demon plug-in in a session, which acts like the MIDI “brain”, coordinating the flow of controller messages. Then, a “dub minion” plug-in is placed wherever the user wishes to have mute control over the signal chain. The Dub Demon routes the MIDI controls to the various subservient dub minions.

Why all the trouble, just to be able to mute audio? My goal was to be able to do hands-on dub mixing in-the-box. Being able to punch mutes quickly is essential - mousing on-screen controls just won’t do. At the same time, the Pro Tools MIDI mapping leaves much to be desired - I wanted to be able to place mutes on both channels and effects sends - and not be constrained to working in banks of eight consecutive channels at a time.

PS: Here was one source of mute-punching inspiration: Internal Dread livemixing “Never Ending”

Supported Systems

Dub Demon & dub minion uses the Pluggo standard, and requires installation of the free Pluggo Jr or Pluggo Runtime package in order to function.

macOS Users: We have not completed any Catalina (10.15) testing yet. We do not recommend upgrading to Catalina at this time.