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The Mid-Side Suite consists of two plug-ins: MS Encoder and MS Decoder.

There are two primary uses for these:

  1. You have recorded material using a mid-side microphone pair, and you want to decode this on playback into stereo. In this case, you would simply place the MS Decoder plug-in on a stereo buss, and feed the L side of the buss the mid mic, and the R side of the buss the side mic. Use the stereo width knob on the MS Decoder to determine the stereo spread.
  2. Alternately, you can use both these plug-ins to selectively process mid and side information from a standard stereo track. In this case, you would place MS Encoder at the start of your effects chain. Then, insert other plug-ins, like compression or EQ, and set these to operate in multi-mono mode. This will give you independent control over the two channels. You can now, for example, apply compression to just the mid channel, or place a hi-pass filter on the side channel… or whatever other crazy stuff you wanna try! At the end of the effects chain, place a MS Decoder plug-in, to bring the two channels back to LR stereo. If you don’t want to affect the stereo spread, just leave the dial at 50/50, which is the default setting.

For more about the latter approach, please see this excellent article from Universal Audio, titled Separating Mono and Stereo Elements Using Mid-Side Techniques. As they mention, the Fairchild 670 has a built-in “Lat Vert” mode, which utilizes internal MS encode/decode circuitry. By using the Mid-Side Suite, you can effectively give any compressor a “Lat Vert” mode!

Supported Systems

Mid-Side Suite uses the Pluggo standard, and requires installation of the free Pluggo Jr or Pluggo Runtime package in order to function.