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Mulligan Starter Packs

May 18, 2022

Last week, we got to tell you about some of the new features in Mulligan v1.3. Today I want to focus on one of those features that we are most excited about: our new Starter Packs for the MIDI Fighter Twister and X-Touch Mini controllers!

A Blueprint for Success

We have created these Starter Packs to give new users a comfortable place to begin with Mulligan. Crafted with input from our user community, a Starter Pack gives you a pre-built command layout optimized for your controller.

Starter Pack layout for the MIDI Fighter Twister

Easy and Adaptable

After you import a mapping from a Starter Pack, you are free to modify the layout to adapt it to your own workflow. So it’s not restrictive in any way. We just realized, now that Mulligan offers dozens of mappable commands, that it might feel a bit daunting to know where to jump in. Starter Packs provide an easy entry point.

The MIDI Fighter Twister and X-Touch Mini Starter Packs are included as part of the main Mulligan download. Each one includes a PDF guide with specific instructions for the given controller.

Starter Pack layout for the X-Touch Mini