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Goodbye Cheeseverb, Hello Bucketverb

Feb 13, 2020

Cheeseverb, our bucket brigade reverb plug-in, has evolved, in more ways than one. Yes, as planned, we added new features to the core BBD sound, including an LFO and a new Stereo Mode switch. And yes, we added Factory Presets to give users a quick tour of its sonic abilities. But, we also did something we hadn’t been been planning on doing: we gave it a new name.

Henceforth, our BBD reverb plug-in will be known as:


We kept hearing from users that “Cheeseverb” was too limiting a name for the breadth of sounds it could make. And, ironically, “Cheeseverb” made people think of cheesy 80s digital reverb – which was precisely the opposite of what we were going for.

The concept behind Bucketverb was to imagine an alternate history where digital reverb technology hadn’t taken over, and instead the bucket brigade technology of the early 80s had been pushed to its limits to make the most sophisticated studio hardware possible.

So, What Happens to Cheeseverb?

Technically, for compatibility reasons, Bucketverb is a separate product (meaning that Cheeseverb and Bucketverb can run side-by-side in a DAW). However, we have now stopped selling Cheeseverb, and all Cheeseverb owners automatically get a Bucketverb license, so in essence it’s a renaming of the same product.

If you are a Cheeseverb owner, you don’t have to do anything to get Bucketverb. You will see it in your account when you log in. (You will need to download a new license file for Bucketverb.)