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Note2Frequency Update

Feb 26, 2011

We have updated our free Note2Frequency utility application, making several key improvements.

Note2Frequency is a utility program to convert note names to their frequencies. Press a note on the on-screen keyboard, and it gives you the frequency of that note in cycles per second (Hz). It will also play a sine wave as a reference tone.

Now with version 0.4, Note2Frequency will also go the other way, converting frequencies in Hz to notes! A readout for “cents” was therefore added by necessity, to show where between two notes a given frequency lies.

Various other changes were made in version 0.4, including:

- Added MIDI Note and Musical Note display/controls
- Added label for Middle C
- Changed startup state to have Middle C selected
- Misc interface improvements

Available for Mac OS X. Download Note2Frequency for free at the reFuse Software website.