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Lowender Price Increased

Oct 21, 2010

Yesterday the announced price increase for the Lowender subharmonic synthesizer plug-in took effect. Yep, from $49 all the way to a whopping $69. For a plug-in available in all formats (RTAS, VST, AU), across both Mac and Windows, the new Lowender price is still very much on the low end (no pun intended) of plug-in pricing.

The Lowender had been priced at $49 from when we first launched it (nearly four years ago) up until yesterday. When we launched Lowender it was completely dependent upon the Pluggo framework. We have now ported it to be “native” in all formats, as of last week. As we mentioned, the costs of developing five different versions of a plug-in (VST/RTAS/AU on Mac, plus VST/RTAS on Windows) have proven to be significantly steeper than just doing a single Pluggo version.

But it’s not just about us and our costs - it’s also about the improved experience for users. Native plug-ins are simpler to setup and manage than having to use a framework like Pluggo. So the Lowender is a better value now than it was when we first launched it as a Pluggo plug-in, and the new price reflects that.

We should also mention that, once you buy Lowender, you are covered for all future upgrades. All those customers who bought Lowender back when it was strictly a Pluggo plug-in received the new native versions for free. And, as we continue to develop Lowender, adding features or updating for compatibility with future OS’s, our users will continue to receive free upgrades.