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Bob Katz talks about Lowender

“It's just magic. There's nothing else on the market like it. I'm very happy.”

Tchad Blake talks about Lowender

“I love that thing.”

Lowender Price To Increase

Oct 13, 2010

Yesterday we announced our good news, that the Lowender subharmonic synthesizer is now available as a native plug-in in all formats (RTAS included), for both Mac and Windows. Our pricing for the Lowender, $49, has remained the same since we first launched it. And it will remain the same - but only for another week!

Yes, it turns out the costs of developing five different versions of a plug-in (VST/RTAS/AU on Mac, plus VST/RTAS on Windows) are significantly steeper than just doing a single Pluggo version. So, at the end of the day on October 20 (at midnight EST to be exact), we will be affecting a small price increase to the Lowender.

Even after the price increase, the Lowender will remain quite affordable. But right now, it’s really a steal - a professional-quality subharmonic effect that is used by top mixers (of both music and film) who could have any box they like - and it’s still for sale for under fifty bucks? Not to brag, but that’s a good deal.

So, if you are still on the fence about getting Lowender, maybe now is the time to get on that. And, if you decide to wait, I bet you’ll still be able to afford it after next week!