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Lowender AU and VST for Mac Out Now

Nov 10, 2009

Lowender native versions in Audio Unit and VST flavors are now available for Mac systems!

Download your Lowender today.

This update is free for all existing Lowender users!

If you’re keeping score, this brings our conversions of Lowender to native (non-Pluggo) formats up to date for Mac and Windows systems. Next will be the RTAS native versions for both systems. (For now, Pro Tools users can run the Pluggo version of Lowender on Macs, and both Mac and Windows users can take a shot at adapting Lowender to Pro Tools with the FXpansion wrapper. We haven’t tried this yet ourselves, so no guarantees, but please let us know if you do!)

Thanks for your support, now get out there and make some dance floors/concert halls/movie theaters shake with subharmonic rumble!