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Pluggo Clarification

Aug 20, 2009

Their website still claims “We call Pluggo the Never Ending Plugin”. [ed: well, now they’ve hidden it, but view HTML and it’s still there] But back in May of this year, Cycling ‘74 announced that the final chapter of Pluggo had already been written, and there would be no more updates or sales of the software. (In fact, the last published changes to Pluggo were seen back in November of 2006, which technically pre-dates the time of code death by at least two-and-a-half years.)

Pluggo is dead!” sang the town crier. “Long live Pluggo!”

Yes, indeed. While you can no longer purchase the mega-bundle of quirky plug-ins known as “Pluggo”, the free “Pluggo Junior” (framework + a dozen free plug-ins) and “Pluggo Runtime” (just the framework) continue to be available for download from Cycling ‘74. More importantly, they continue to work on most systems.

And a good thing too! Our free plug-ins still use Pluggo, as does Lowender [ed: now only the RTAS version for Mac requires it] until we complete porting it to native versions. Sooner or later, Pluggo will break on our favorite DAWs, but we believe that time is still years away. In the meantime, we will keep issuing some plug-ins in the Pluggo format, at least on the free end of the scale.