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Is your software compatible with Apple Silicon (M1 processor) Macs?

Yes, our plugins now have native support for Apple Silicon machines (M1, M2, etc) for all plugin formats (AAX/VST3/AU).

The one exception to that is the Cheap RTA plugin, which is compatible on Apple Silicon (M1 processor) Macs through the use of Rosetta 2. There have been no issues uncovered by our testing, or reported by users, relating to running under Rosetta. Cheap RTA will get a full feature update in 2023, and at that time we will bring M1 native support for it as well.

Our Mulligan plugin controller for Pro Tools (which is a standalone app), runs native on both Intel and ARM processors, and does not require the use of Rosetta 2.

Older free apps have not been ported for Apple Silicon native support, and are not likely to be.

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