The Utility Bar

Click the reFuse logo on the Lowender faceplate to bring up the Utility Bar (or, if you are running Lowender as a demo, click the blinking red "demo" sign). Click the X in the bottom right corner, or simply click the reFuse logo a second time, to hide the bar.


One of our goals with the Utility Bar was to provide better license management tools, without cluttering up the main Lowender interface. To that end:

Another feature requested by users was to provide numerical display of the control parameters. So now, when you move a control, the precise value of that parameter is displayed, temporarily taking the place of the registered Username. Lowender does not provide for actual numerical entry, but remember that you can always Command-drag (Mac) / Ctrl-drag (Win) to access fine resolution control.

Two other utility buttons round out the bottom bar. Please note that both of these will launch your default web browser:

View Docs brings up the online Lowender documentation.

Check for Updates tells you if there is a newer version of Lowender available for your system.