Thank you for purchasing reFuse, the software solution to join together Pro Tools and Reason.

reFuse works in two areas: audio routing and transport linking. Audio is sent from Reason, into reFuse, and then out to Pro Tools. Depending on the capabilities of your system, you can use up to sixteen discrete channels of audio.

reFuse also offers transport linking between Pro Tools and Reason. This means that pressing play in Reason will start Pro Tools, and vice versa. If you switch your timeline location in your Pro Tools session, Reason will jump to the correct spot, and vice versa.

Pro Tools and Reason are natively incompatible because they use different standards for sharing audio. Reason uses the comprehensive ReWire standard, which shares not only audio data but also sample-accurate timing information between applications. Pro Tools uses several standards to pass audio data; the one used by reFuse is called DirectConnect. reFuse works by translating audio data and timing information between these two programs.

If you are unfamiliar with how ReWire works, we suggest that you read chapter 4 of the Reason Operation Manual, "Using Reason as a ReWire Slave".

Note that reFuse can also connect other ReWire-ready applications, such as Ableton Live, with Pro Tools.